Meet Boltr, Your Friendly Hotel Delivery Bot

Robots are on the rise and one of the latest to hit the market is Savioke’s robot butler, known as Boltr.

Boltr is a delivery robot that is having its first run in Texas, at our newly opened Aloft and Element Hotel in Love Field.

The robot is able to bring you forgotten toiletries, food, beverages, and more. The beauty of the design is that it not only offers convenience to customers, but also savings for the hotel staff, allowing for improved operations.

While the human touch is acknowledged as important and essential in certain situations, Molubhoy acknowledged that robots are very much a part of hospitality’s future.

It’s inevitable and we should embrace it. It is a disruption that’s going to happen.

Arzu Molubhoy

Whether robots in hospitality are here to stay or it’s more of a novelty feature at higher end hotels, is yet to be seen, but for now, the experience of getting your coffee delivered by a robot is something new to say the least.

Check out the video below and learn more here.